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The WA Government will soon face major decisions that will either see much of the Leighton-Port Beach foreshore transformed into sustainable parkland and beaches for generations to come, or be scarred by intensive urban development that will need to be armoured in future with costly seawalls and groynes. Our natural beaches and dunes are in danger!


We need to show the McGowan Government that we are watching closely and stand ready to support a sustainable, public Leighton coast for tens of thousands of local beach lovers from more than hundred suburbs, and visiting tourists. 


We need to act now because in the months ahead, the government could be pressured to rezone land now vacated by old industries - in the southern part of Leighton/north Port Beach - to allow apartments to be built where dunes and foreshore parkland should be. There is no time to lose to make our views known to the Premier. 


The government must also finish the job in the northern section of Leighton (the old railway marshalling yards under the pedestrian overpass), which the community successfully argued to be zoned for parkland years ago but that remains locked behind fences.  It's time to deliver the park that has been promised for so long.


We've done it before, and with your help, we'll do it again. Please show your support for a world-class park now!

Helping to Save Leighton is as easy as 1, 2, 3:


1.  Add your name below to send a simple, positive message to the McGowan government (see suggested text) and so we can contact you - infrequently:) -  to keep you updated

2. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

3. Tell 3 friends about this weekend.



Dear Premier and Minister Saffioti,

Please commit to working with the broad community to create a sustainable public foreshore for the Leighton - Port Beach coast. It will be a profound legacy for future generations and a hugely valuable tourism asset. Thank you for resisting pressure to zone the southern section to urban and instead, acting for the wider public interest and creating a sustainable, community park.

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