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We must protect the Leighton Coast.

The south Leighton - Port Beach coast has faced a sustained push for years from developers that would constrain the creation of an adequate, public foreshore reserve to favour restoration of dunes, over building groynes and seawalls, to respond to erosion, and to provide sufficient public space and access for our growing population.

The Minister for Planning, John Carey, made a major decision in May 2024 about the future of the coast behind Port Beach – south Leighton. The bulk of the industrial-zoned land between Port Beach Road and the railway line has been zoned ‘Urban Deferred’ by the WA Planning Commission, subject to 'confirmation of coastal foreshore reserve requirements' among other considerations.


Protect southern Leighton/Port Beach coast.

Create more sustainable foreshore in central section.

Rehabilitate marshalling yards for a 'People's Park'.

SOUTHERN(Leighton/Port Beach)

Those seeking to develop this coastal land have been pushing to change the zoning from ‘Industrial’ to ‘Urban’ on land where oil tanks and other industrial infrastructure once stood. While there is ample opportunity for urban development closer to the railway line, east of Bracks Street, it would be short-sighted and irresponsible to develop the whole area. A proper foreshore reserve would restore dunes that will protect Port Beach and Leighton for decades to come, avoiding costly, unsightly groynes and seawalls. A public park would provide much-needed access and recreational space for a growing population and for tourists, alike. By zoning it urban deferred, rather than urban, the Minister has kept his, and our, options open. 'Urban Deferred’ means that urban or other zoning cannot happen until a number of conditions are met, including confirmation of coastal foreshore reserve requirements.

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