Northern Section (old railway marshalling yards)

One of the main outcomes of the original Save Leighton campaign was for the old railway marshalling yards (under the pedestrian overpass) - to be zoned for parks and recreation, as the first step to creating a public park in that section.


Successive governments undertook detailed planning for parkland (see an example to the right) and promised to finish the job by transforming this area into a 'people's park' but still we wait for action. It’s a park on paper only.


The WA Government has a strong mandate to deliver on the promise of this special part of our coastline that remains off-limits to the public.


Rehabilitating this section would provide for:

-safer, traffic-calmed access to the beach with better parking (through-traffic would travel on a new section of Curtin Avenue, running alongside the railway line)

-public recreational space in this elevated section, with views forever

-the potential to restore the McCall Centre area for public use

-great potential for better cycling and walking links to Cottesloe and Port Beach

Leighton Oceanside Parklands Masterplan

Where's Our Park?