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The Leighton Action Coalition (LAC) was created a by a diverse group of people to protect this much-loved coastline from development that would've concreted large parts of foreshore and constrained public enjoyment for tens of thousands of locals from across the metropolitan area (and for tourists).   

The Save Leighton campaign quickly triggered a groundswell of support - who doesn't love their beach?! - and succeeded in stopping the original development. Instead it was replaced by a plan that preserved the foreshore in the central area of Leighton. This was a major victory for the community but the job isn't finished.


The original campaign was nearly twenty years ago and in that time LAC (all volunteers) has kept the pressure on governments ever since to follow through on outstanding commitments like transforming the old marshalling yards into a people's park (the railway storage area behind the rusting fences has been zoned for parks and recreation ie for public use and enjoyment for years). 

More recently, LAC was made aware of a new and imminent threat to the beach and foreshore in the southern area, towards Port Beach.


20 years on, the community can activate to persuade the State Government to show vision on behalf of the people of Perth and Fremantle, to Save Leighton.

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